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Heard on the Hill: Football Follies

The Congressional resolution to honor Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton passed the House on Wednesday, but not without controversy.

Rep. Mike Rogers led the effort to recognize the Auburn University quarterback for winning college football’s top honor. But some staffers are upset the House saluted Newton after his pay-to-play scandal, although the NCAA cleared him of wrongdoing.

“Cam Newton is the federal deficit of college football,” one Hill staffer says. “People know it’s bad but don’t have the stomach to do anything about it.”

The Alabama Republican’s office stands by the resolution.

“He believes [Newton] deserves recognition for being an outstanding athlete and winning the highest award for athletic achievements in college football,” spokeswoman Shea Snider says. She noted that Newton is the third Heisman winner to hail from Auburn, which is in the Congressman’s district.

To be fair, we should note the anti-Newton staffer is a fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide, Auburn’s rival. “The fact that Congress is choosing to honor Cam Newton when it could be naming a post office is a true miscarriage of justice,” he jokes.

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