Heard on the Hill: Freshman Sleeping on the Job?

Posted January 7, 2011 at 5:36pm

Capitol Hill veterans know how boring committee hearings can be, but one freshman Member learned the hard way.

Rep. Tim Scott recently landed a spot on the House Rules Committee and promptly fell asleep during the panel’s first meeting, an HOH spy says. The South Carolina Republican was dozing at his desk during the hearing Thursday, the spy says.

“The new Republican Members just can’t win today. First Rep.-elect [Mike] Fitzpatrick [R-Pa.] needs to be sworn in after a snafu and then Rep. Scott falls asleep in his first Rules Committee hearing?” our tipster says.

Scott aide Joe McKeown says things aren’t what they seemed.

“Tim wasn’t sleeping. He had his iPad on his lap,” McKeown says. “You’ll see him doing that all the time.”