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Heard on the Hill: Lucky Number

Rep. Candice Miller is especially happy with the seniority ranking for the 112th Congress assigned to her by the House Sergeant-at-Arms.

The Michigan Republican was given the rank of 218, which is the number of votes required to reach a simple majority in the House, a fact that was not lost on Miller.

“This is quite a lucky number to receive,” she said on hearing the news. “Makes me think I should play the lottery!”

Not so fast. Turns out there is a bit of confusion over Miller’s seniority ranking. According to the Clerk of the House, she is No. 219, but according to the Sergeant-at-Arms, she is 218. In fact, the Sergeant-at-Arms issued Miller a license plate that reads “H-218.”

No word on why there is a discrepancy; calls to the offices of the Clerk of the House and the House Sergeant-at-Arms were not returned by press time.