DCCC Has Twice as Much Debt as NRCC

Posted January 31, 2011 at 5:38pm

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee starts the year with twice as much debt as the National Republican Congressional Committee and with just a third of what the House Republicans’ campaign arm has in the bank.

Roll Call has learned the NRCC will report unpaid debt of roughly $10.5 million as of Dec. 31.

The House Republican campaign arm will also report a cash balance of $2.5 million, having raised $1.9 million in the final reporting period of the year, from Nov. 23 to Dec. 31, according to figures obtained by Roll Call on Monday evening.

The updated figures will show that the NRCC paid off $1.5 million of a debt that stood at $12 million a little more than two months ago, when the NRCC was helping the party pick up a net gain of 63 House seats in the November midterms.

The debt levels on the Democratic side are far worse.

The DCCC finished the year with just $800,000 in the bank and debts exceeding $19 million. That’s just $400,000 less debt than the committee reported as of Nov. 23. Overall, the DCCC raised $1.7 million in the last reporting period and finished with a cash balance of $805,624.