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Ron Paul Headed to Iowa

Rep. Ron Paul told political supporters Tuesday that he will be making two trips to Iowa in the coming weeks, stoking speculation that the libertarian favorite is poised to mount another presidential bid.

The Texas Republican wrote in a fundraising e-mail that he has agreed to Iowa visits scheduled for March 7 and March 23. The first trip would include three stops, “hundreds of miles apart,” he said.

“I need your help to get me there. … It will prove tremendously valuable to our cause,” Paul wrote.

He noted that while “others can rely on big corporate money to fund their travel budget,” he needs a charter plane that isn’t cheap.

“We may not be able to tap the deep coffers of the Establishment, but we have something they will never have: a committed group of individuals armed with knowledge and ideas,” Paul wrote in a nod to tea party activists who have boosted him since he lost the GOP nomination in 2008.

Paul added that since winning the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll, “invitations are flooding in” from key early primary states, including New Hampshire, Florida and Nevada.

Other presidential contenders have dismissed as meaningless Paul’s second-in-a-row first-place CPAC straw poll showing, a victory that he noted in the e-mail with, “In a word, WOW!”

Paul asked for donations to help him “honor as many of these requests as possible to spread our message and set the stage for all of our political activity over the next 18 months.”

“The REVOLUTION we started is at a crucial stage,” he wrote. “We certainly have the big government elites running scared!”

He added that some have been giving “$20.12, $201.20, and even $2,012.”

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