NRCC Gives Reagan Award to Cheney

Posted April 6, 2011 at 6:12pm

The National Republican Congressional Committee honored former Vice President Dick Cheney last week at its annual fundraising dinner. Cheney attended the soiree, which raised more than $10 million for House campaigns.

A committee spokesman told Roll Call that Cheney received the Reagan Award at the dinner. The award was accompanied by a tribute video.

The NRCC did not announce Cheney’s attendance or that he received the award, but the committee issued a press release after the 2010 dinner when Rep. Virginia Foxx (N.C.) received the same honor.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz (Utah) told Roll Call the video was a “big hit” with the Republican crowd.

“[I]t was good, it was well received by the mass of people there,” Chaffetz said.

The Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Ralph Reed tweeted about Cheney getting the award from his seat at the dinner: “I got to say hello to him. What a patriot and great American.”