Angle Raising Money for Nevada Special Election

Posted April 29, 2011 at 1:51pm

Nevada Republican Sharron Angle is seeking to raise $150,000 online in the second quarter as she prepares for a special election in the 2nd district.

Angle was already running for the seat when Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) appointed Rep. Dean Heller (R) to the Senate. Once that becomes official next week, Sandoval will have seven days to set the special election date, which must be within the next 180 days.

“I must begin to raise money immediately if Republicans intend to hold this seat,” Angle wrote in an email to supporters on Friday.

“Instead of more than a year to prepare, I must now raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in just WEEKS,” Angle continued. “Our message will be first to hit the doors of NV-CD 2 and the airwaves and as a team the last to leave it, but only if we can raise money today to prepare for the launch of the special election contest.”

Secretary of State Ross Miller (D) has not yet announced what the special election rules are, as the law is somewhat unclear about whether the parties have a right to hand-pick their candidates. The other option, which Democrats prefer, is an open contest with unlimited candidates.

If Miller rules that the parties can pick their candidates, Angle is not expected to be selected by the state GOP central committee, which would have several other options. State GOP Chairman Mark Amodei and Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki are considering bids, while retired Navy Cmdr. Kirk Lippold and state Sen. Greg Brower are already running.

“The Democrats want this seat,” Angle wrote. “The left wing of the Republican Party wants it more. Instead of an open process — already they are behind closed doors, choosing one of their own to be the preferred candidate in the race. This is exactly why I am running and why I need your help — to put an end to special interest politics!” 

On the Democratic side, Treasurer Kate Marshall is strongly considering running, while former House candidate Jill Derby told the Associated Press this week she is planning to run. Last year’s Democratic nominee, Nancy Price, who lost to Heller by 30 points, is already running.