Heard on the Hill: Congress Needs … Hugs?

Posted May 3, 2011 at 6:07pm

Sometimes Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton thinks we just need to hug it out.

At last night’s sold-out Will on the Hill fundraiser at the Shakespeare Theatre Company, the D.C. Democrat and Rep. Joe Barton shared a hug on stage.

The Texas Republican gave her props for sacrificing for art.

“I’m sure I was the last person on earth she wanted to hug,” he said later. “Wrong,” Norton quipped in retort. “I can think of a few others.”

Still, she said Washington would be a little nicer with more hugs. “There is no Member of Congress I find so repugnant I wouldn’t hug them,” she said. “We can’t let a million ideological differences get in the way of a good hug.”

The event raised more than $360,000 for an educational program.