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Heard on the Hill: Warren Updates Her Calendar

HOH is happy to report that Elizabeth Warren’s April 2011 dance card has been posted online.

In Thursday’s column, we reported that Warren, adviser to President Barack Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, had testified that her online calendar was a matter of public record.

“We have now posted my calendar online each month and will continue to do so as a commitment to our openness,” Warren said in her testimony.

So, we were a wee bit surprised to see so many blank months when we were snooping around the CFPB website Wednesday.

“We are working to bring the interactive versions [of the calendar] up to date,” CFPB senior spokeswoman Jennifer Howard explained. “PDF versions of our calendar, since September 2010, are on the site.”

The CFPB posted the PDF version of Warren’s April 2011 calendar Wednesday afternoon after HOH contacted the bureau for comment. The May 2011 calendar will be posted next month.

We will definitely check back in to see how the professor will spend her summer vacation — that is, if she gets to take one.