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Heard on the Hill: Leading the Tech Pack

Former Sen. Arlen Specter has a history of being ahead of the curve.

First, as assistant counsel for the Warren Commission investigating President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Specter developed the “single bullet theory” putting to rest — at least for some — all the ricocheting conspiracy theories.

Then he switched political allegiances to become a Democrat ahead of the moderate wing of the GOP getting trampled in the last midterm elections (not that it did him much good as he still lost his seat).

Now Specter can rest easy knowing he was well ahead of the World Health Organization and this week’s killer cellphone news.

The Pennsylvania Democrat, a brain tumor survivor, requested a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing to investigate the link between brain tumors and cellphones way back in September 2009.

“I can honestly say that Sen. Specter has always been sort of on the cutting edge of looking at research and asking the tough questions,” Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) said in the hearing.

Top Democrats from the House Energy and Commerce Committee requested Wednesday that the Government Accountability Office review the existing scientific research regarding cellphone exposure.

Somewhere we hope the former Senator is basking in his well-earned “I told you so” moment.