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Heard on the Hill: If He Were a Vegetable …

Jeff Bridges (aka the Dude) has been spotted all over town this week.

The Academy Award winner was in the area to help launch the Share Our Strength’s Virginia No Kid Hungry Campaign with Gov. Bob McDonnell and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

Following the Dude, the governor and the secretary around was their very own documentary film crew.

A tipster tells HOH that the documentary crew spent Tuesday morning filming interviews at the Hall of States before hustling over to Bancroft Elementary School in Arlington, Va., for the official campaign launch.

That’s when our tipster says it became the “typical-Washington-media-back-patting-get-my-face-in-the-picture kind of circus.” (We haven’t the foggiest idea what that might mean.)

The event at the school was packed with politicians, media, Bancroft students and their families. The whole thing became so confusing that at one point the staff kept the documentary team out of where it was supposed to be filming the trio.

One fun moment came toward the end of the day when a group of puppeteers was regaling the students with a show where all the characters were vegetables.

Bridges started chatting with the veggie puppets and said in a funny high-pitched voice, “If I was vegetable, I’d be sweet corn!”