Heard on the Hill: Harkin Fails to Blend In

Posted June 13, 2011 at 6:52pm

Sen. Tom Harkin was spotted queuing up for the White House tour bright and early Saturday morning.    

The Iowa Democrat “had family in town and wanted them to experience the White House firsthand,” says Kate Cyrul, Harkin’s spokeswoman.

“[He] just lined up like everyone else,” a tipster tells HOH. “He wasn’t overly dressed, no [Senate] pin. I think he tried to blend in, and that didn’t work.”

“I totally did the ‘THAT’S SEN. HARKIN!!’” our spy says. Harkin returned the acknowledgment with what our tipster calls a “great, thanks” look.

“Though this was not his first official tour,” Cyrul tells HOH, “the Senator tagged along because you can’t always catch a glimpse of Bo during his usual Oval Office meetings!”

Jealous! We want to meet Bo!