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Heard on the Hill: Take Five!

Every Tuesday, HOH gets to know a Member of Congress better through a series of five fun questions. This week, we chat with Rep. Erik Paulsen. The Minnesota Republican shared stories of fishing with his daughter and staying up late with a few fellow Members of Congress.

Q: You were an intern for Sen. Rudy Boschwitz (R-Minn.). What was the worst part?

A: I don’t think there is one. The whole experience of being an intern is just worth it. I can’t think of a downside. It’s just a little bit of everything. You’re a jack-of-all-trades. You learn how the office functions.

Q: What’s your favorite animal and why?

A: The bald eagle. … They’re big, they’re majestic and they’re in Minnesota. They migrate down the Mississippi River in the fall, and some stick around for the winter. They have huge flocks that gather along the Mississippi. I was in the Boundary Waters a couple of weeks ago fishing with one of my daughters and … we had a show of five different eagles flying over our campsite.

Q: As a former employee of the Target headquarters, what’s the best thing you ever bought at a Target?

A: The iPod Touch. I use it nearly every flight.

Q: What’s your favorite movie and why?

A: “Caddyshack.” … It’s just an American classic.

Q: Who’s your best friend in Congress?

A: My three housemates: Reps. John Shimkus (R-Ill.), Kevin Brady (R-Texas) and Steve Scalise (R-La.). The four of us live together down in Southwest, kind of by the fishing wharf area. … We usually carpool in. Shimkus drives. He sends an email every night for the time in the morning. It’s like being in college again. They’re great, and the nice thing is they’re all family guys and so at night we’ll all tell what’s going on with our families.

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