Heard on the Hill: Bernie’s Budget Bombardment

Posted June 27, 2011 at 5:57pm

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) wants to talk shared sacrifice on the chamber floor without sacrificing a single form of communication to tell you to listen.

The Vermont Senator, who made headlines several months ago with an eight-hour floor speech that came to be known as the “FiliBernie,” is not new to social media.

Ahead of Monday’s budget chat with the president and Congressional leaders, Sanders wrote a public letter to the president (with 12,857 signatories just before he was scheduled to speak on the floor). He advertised his speech on his website, his Twitter feed, his Facebook page and even old-fashioned email. He pushed a “shared sacrifice” hashtag, which trended for a hot minute Sunday in Washington, D.C., and Boston.

Why Boston?

“There are smart people there,” Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs tells HOH — just like there are in Vermont, he hastens to add.

So what’s up with Sanders’ big speech push?

Well, the Senator believes “we are in an important moment in history,” Briggs says.

Sanders is disappointed the Republicans have concentrated only on spending cuts and not on raising revenue. Raising taxes and closing loopholes on those “who have never had it so good” are integral to solving the country’s fiscal issues.

But also: “The Republicans are acting like bullies, and we ought not let them get away with it,” Sanders says.

So he will email, tweet and Facebook message the rest of us until they stop.

Works for us!