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Heard on the Hill: Lure of the Last Frontier

A stuffed salmon named Nerka is traveling with the Alaska delegation 2011 Mobile Office and she (or he) is absolutely magical.

According to the blurb on Democratic Sen. Mark Begich’s Flickr page, “Nerka is traveling with staff from the offices of Sens. Begich & [Lisa] Murkowski [R] as they visit towns across Alaska to hear your thoughts and provide guidance to Alaskans who need assistance with the federal government.”

That must be some stuffed fish if it can hear your thoughts, provide guidance and be bipartisan! Do not lose that fish, Traveling Alaskan Bipartisan Delegation of Fun.

(In fact, if you lot could bring Nerka the magical stuffed fish back to Washington so it could provide some guidance and bipartisan love during the rest of the debt ceiling negotiations, that would be greatly appreciated — signed, the Whole World.)

The mascot’s name comes from the scientific name for sockeye salmon, Oncorhynchus nerka, the Begich Flickr page explains.

Some highlights from Nerka’s adventures include riding in a classic Batmobile, relaxing by the water and being held by a giant grizzly bear.

No word on where — or whether — the stuffed fish spawns.

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