Heard on the Hill: Speedy Senator Chases Subway

Posted July 13, 2011 at 9:17pm

Sen. Joe Manchin was spotted sprinting through the halls of the Hart Senate Office Building on Wednesday.

The West Virginia Democrat was hustling to catch the subway to the Capitol for votes. Did he panic when he watched the doors close in his face? Hells to the no! Manchin just channeled his inner Dash (from “The Incredibles”) and ran.

Our hero took off in a dead sprint after the train as it sped toward the Dirksen Senate Office Building! He got to the subway stop just in time to — whoosh! — slide through the sliding doors just like Gwyneth Paltrow in that movie where she was English and things happened to her.

“What do ya think?!” Manchin asked the other riders between panting breaths after he was safely on board. “I chased that train down, baby!”

Uh, yeah you did, Senator!

Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.), who was sitting calmly in the subway car, witnessed Manchin race the tram and win.

“Joe! You’re an athlete!” he cheered. “Did you used to run the dash?”