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Bachmann Ad Says She Has ‘Courage’ to Oppose Debt Ceiling Increase

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) released a new statewide television ad Wednesday, highlighting for Iowa voters for the second time that she won’t support increasing the nation’s debt ceiling.

The ad, titled “Courage,” features Bachmann on the presidential campaign trail and a few to-the-camera statements explaining her position. It is her second statewide TV ad.

“It goes completely contrary to commonsense and how I grew up in Iowa,” said Bachmann, who grew up in Waterloo. “So here I am in Congress watching these people borrow more money that we don’t have so that my children can be further indebted. We have to deal with the economic reality and I have the will and I have the courage to see this through.”

Bachmann has made the debt vote a central piece of her platform, and she spoke with Roll Call about it Sunday in Iowa. She is asked about the issue everywhere she goes

The ad is designed to introduce Bachmann to voters who will attend the Iowa caucuses and the crucial early test of support in the state, the Ames straw poll on Aug. 13.

Watch the ad:

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