Heard on the Hill: What Can Lugar Buy?

Posted July 26, 2011 at 7:50pm

Sen. Dick Lugar is still pocketing royalties from his 1988 book and — woo-boy! — are they burning a hole in his wallet.

According to his 2010 Congressional financial disclosure form, the Indiana Republican has raked in almost 300 pennies in residual royalties from his book “Letters to the Next President” (reprinted in 2004).

That is correct, class. Lugar reported earning $2.92 in book royalties, which makes him one of the most honest Members of Congress that it has been our privilege to gently rib.

So, because HOH is nothing if not helpful, we have found several items that the Senator can buy for three bucks: an “Indian Princess” gold coin, “Hot Tub Time Machine” on DVD, a glamorous sequined belt, 50 Zantac tablets (with a coupon), a cup of coffee or even none of these things!

Don’t worry, sir. We’ll spot you the eight cents that you’re short.