Heard on the Hill: Satisfying His Meat Tooth

Posted August 14, 2011 at 11:48am

Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk is a true red-meat Republican who also loves pork, which we’re told is some sort of white meat.

On Thursday, Kirk tweeted a picture of himself — looking fresh with his new haircut — enjoying chocolate-covered bacon.

HOH readers will remember just a couple of weeks ago when we reported how Kirk had a sad moment when, during the debt ceiling debate, he ran out to grab a free slice of meat pizza.

Photographers had eaten all of the meat pizza, and there was none left for him. (Greed, friends, is an ugly, ugly thing.)

So our brave Senator chose to go hungry rather than eat a slice of pizza without meat. (Hero.)

“It’s his own version of the Zone diet,” Kirk spokeswoman Kate Dickens tells HOH.

Next birthday, Senator, we’ll make sure someone gets you a membership to the meat of the month club, so you never have to go hungry again.