Heard on the Hill: TMZ Coming to the DMV?

Posted October 24, 2011 at 6:26pm

Updated: 8:48 a.m.

Celebrity gossip guru Harvey Levin wants shady lawmakers to know that they shan’t be safe from his all-seeing spies forever.

“It’s gonna happen, someday,” Levin told a dirt-craving crowd at the National Press Club about his languishing plans to bring TMZ to the DMV, ASAP. “It’s my passion.”

Levin said a slew of business distractions on the West Coast have kept him from committing the time, energy and resources required to get a D.C. bureau going. But whenever it does happen, he plans to punch through the inside-baseball coverage that he says plays too heavily in this town and serve up sexy, salacious tidbits that are more relatable for even the most casual observer.

“I want to make TMZ-DC a personality-based site,” he asserted.

To wit, Levin said that he had recently had dinner with Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) and that the telegenic lawmaker openly credited his brief appearances on TMZ with introducing him to a much larger audience.

A Schock aide confirmed that the lawmaker and Levin keep in touch, but noted that the friendship took time to blossom.

“TMZ surprised Congressman Schock several times since he became a Congressman — during which he answered their questions. While skeptical at first, Congressman Schock has found the TMZ folks to be professional and polite,” Schock’s spokesman said.

“Congressman Schock has found that their viewing audience is significant and diverse. Many people come up to him in his 20 county district in Illinois and mention they saw him on TMZ each time he has appeared, and a large percentage of these people don’t watch conventional news programs. Congressman Schock’s appearances on TMZ have allowed him to reach a whole new segment of people he represents,” the congressional aide said.