Heard on the Hill: America Is Closed Down

Posted November 1, 2011 at 5:52pm

Travelers trekking about Union Station in search of sustenance received a jarring reality check this week: America is closed for business. 

Turns out the ultratouristy, two-tiered restaurant called it quits over the weekend, ending its 22-year run.

One hungry mall worker was taken aback, though.

“I wonder what happened? They had good business,” she said after digesting the closing notice.

Her mourning, though, was incredibly short-lived, since she told us a second later that she really hopes Capitol City Brewing Company (one rumored heir apparent) claims the vacant slot.

Meanwhile, workers from sibling restaurants Center Café and Thunder Grill — all establishments operated by Ark Restaurants — liberated supplies (cups, utensils) from America. One passer-by was unfazed by the shuttering but did appreciate learning about the correlation among the restaurants.

“I’m not surprised. They all feel similar to me,” he said.