Between the Lines: Radanovich-Led Group Files Federal Suit in California

Posted November 2, 2011 at 6:12pm

Former Rep. George Radanovich (R) is continuing his legal challenge to California’s new Congressional lines.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Radanovich and four other plaintiffs announced they are filing a lawsuit in federal district court, arguing that the state’s new independent redistricting commission violated the Voting Rights Act and 14th Amendment by not carving out majority-minority districts in Los Angeles County for political reasons.

The state Supreme Court ruled against the group’s argument last week, clearing the path for the new map to remain in place for the next decade.

In a state where only one of the 53 districts changed party hands during the past 10 years, the new lines make it highly likely Democrats will pick up at least a couple of seats, with several more districts being competitive for both parties.

Nevada: Judge Signs Off on New Lines; One Hurdle to Go

Nevada officially has a new Congressional map. District Judge Todd Russell, who appointed three independent special masters to draw a plan after the process stalemated in the state Legislature, approved the map last Thursday after neither party objected to it.

The state Supreme Court still has a Nov. 14 hearing scheduled to rule on the legality of the redistricting process, specifically who has the constitutional duty to draw state legislative and Congressional district lines.

The new map, with a fourth district added in reapportionment, gives Republicans one safe district and Democrats two safe districts and leaves one district — currently held by Rep. Joe Heck (R) — competitive. Rep. Mark Amodei (R), who just won a special election in the 2nd district in September, is still in safe GOP territory.

North Carolina: Map Gets Precleared; NAACP to File Lawsuit

The Department of Justice precleared North Carolina’s redrawn Congressional map Tuesday, solidifying this cycle’s most detrimental gerrymander for House Democrats.

Four Democrats — Reps. Larry Kissell, Mike McIntyre, Heath Shuler and Brad Miller — are in more danger of losing their seats next year under the new lines.

The NAACP will file a lawsuit Friday asking a court to enjoin the enforcement of the new redistricting law, which the organization called a “cleverly disguised race-based scheme.”

The Republicans who control the state Legislature dismantled four Democratic districts under the recently inked map, drawing 10 Republican seats and three Democratic ones. The current House delegation is six Republicans and seven Democrats.

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