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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: The Gosling Surge

Dear Universe, please never stop the “(F-Bomb) Yeah Ryan Gosling” meme of awesome. It should get old, but somehow it never does.

And now Nancy Leeds, a former Democratic operative, current grad student at Columbia University and Gosling fan, has started the raw-some Tumblr “‘Campaign Staffer’ Ryan Gosling” for all the campaign staffers the Internet forgot. Finally, humor that die-hard operatives can understand!

In this blog, Gosling is a campaign staffer who — unlike the character he played in the boring-boring-blah-annoying film “Ides of March” — actually seems to like women, which is flattering, and to have campaign experience, which is nice and also flattering.

Here are some excerpts from the soulful Campaign Staffer Ryan Gosling:

Campaign Staffer Ryan Gosling’s no-fail pick-up line: “Hey Girl, you must be a predictive support model, because my numbers fit perfect against your curves.”

Campaign Staffer Ryan Gosling pillow talk: “Hey Girl, I stay awake during conference calls just to hear your voice.”

Campaign Staffer Ryan Gosling’s sweet New Year’s Eve plans: “Hey girl, this new year, let’s stay in and watch [The] West Wing.”

And, in a special Iowa caucuses plea, Campaign Staffer Ryan Gosling begs: “Hey Girl, let’s make like the GOP candidates … and spend all night alternating who’s on top.”

Hey, nerdy campaign girl, check out the entire Campaign Staffer Ryan Gosling package.

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