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Bain Attacks Part of Larger Narrative for Obama

President Barack Obama’s campaign will continue to attack Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital and his record as governor of Massachusetts as part of a larger narrative aimed at middle-class voters, senior administration officials said today.

In a briefing given on condition that they not be directly quoted, the officials continued to hammer home the message that Romney’s view of the economy is one geared toward investors and Wall Street, unlike the president’s, which they said is one aimed at helping middle-class families.

Officials said Obama’s campaign has a strategy to tell the story over time and building to the election — with the question being who middle-class families can trust in the Oval Office. The officials said there was no concern that Obama would get tagged as practicing the politics of personal destruction, saying that Romney’s record as a businessman is fair game and people do not view the president as doing so.

Folks on “Morning Joe” may have an issue with the Bain attacks, but the American people find them very relevant, one official said.

The official also said that Romney would not be allowed to Etch A Sketch his way out of his Massachusetts record, charging that his tenure was a disaster for job growth.

The White House officials denied that there was a falling out with Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who created an instant GOP talking point with his remarks on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he was “nauseated” by the attacks.

One official also said they expect to get outspent in the election but will have an advantage with their ground game, which they said is on track.

The official also challenged reporters to ask Romney what he would do differently on Iran, suggesting that there was only one way to be tougher — an apparent reference to war — and said if that’s what Romney believes should happen, he should be up-front and tell the American public that’s what he wants to do.

Officials also dismissed as impossible a recent New York Times poll suggesting that Romney had eliminated the gender gap. They said that national polls in general are getting worse and don’t have much effect on the electoral college math.

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