Tennessee: Weston Wamp Launches Last TV Ad

Posted July 27, 2012 at 4:23pm

Congressional candidate Weston Wamp (R), the 25-year-old son of former Rep. Zach Wamp (R), went up on television with his final, unique ad.

Wamp, who hopes to unseat freshman Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R) in the state’s redrawn 3rd district, also faces dairy magnate Scottie Mayfield in the Aug. 2 primary. Fleischmann succeeded the elder Wamp, who retired in 2010 to run for governor, and the new 3rd district includes much of the territory he used to represent.


“Now it’s time to vote,” Wamp says to camera, in an ad with lots of quick cuts from different camera angles. “We can play it safe and embrace mediocrity and the failed status quo. Or we can dare to work and sacrifice to return to who we once were: dreamers and believers, the proud and United States of America.”

“It’s up to you. I’m Weston Wamp, and I approve this message,” he says, as the music crescendos. “On August 2nd, you can make the difference.”

“Will you?” he asks, pursing his lips.

Fleischmann is favored in next Thursday’s vote, but any one of the three candidates could win the safe Republican seat.

The Wamp ad is backed by $86,000 in the final week, his spokesman told Roll Call.

A source familiar with the buy said it is set to run mostly on Chattanooga broadcast television.

Wamp’s first ad was perhaps even more eye-catching than this one.