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Nancy Pelosi Slams Mitt Romney on ‘Today’

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) this morning kept up the Democratic onslaught on Mitt Romney on NBC’s “Today,” saying a videotape of the Republican presidential nominee’s now-infamous “47 percent” comments from a May fundraiser “demonstrated the demeaning attitude” Romney has “toward a large segment of the American people.”

Host Savannah Guthrie compared the remarks to a 2008 gaffe by President Barack Obama when he said at a fundraiser that some “bitter” voters “cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them.”

Pelosi said there was a “drastic difference” between the two examples because Romney’s remarks were “disparaging to our whole system, our whole system, which is we are a sense of community.”

Pelosi was also pressed on whether it was appropriate for people to secretly record video at fundraisers.

“I don’t think there’s ever any private fundraiser. I think that when you run for president everything you say should be a matter of public record, or can be,” Pelosi said, later adding that whether the event is actually public is “up to the host” of the event.

Asked whether she shares Obama’s view that his re-election would usher in new cooperation by House Republicans, Pelosi instead pointed to cooperation among Democrats when they held all the levers of power in the first two years of Obama’s term.

“Well, first of all, when we were in the majority and the president in the first two years, we had the most productive Congress in history for the American people,” she said.

Democrats have attacked the GOP on the low level of lawmaking activity in the current Congress after Roll Call reported that it is on pace to be the least productive Congress since statistics began being tabulated in 1947.

But Pelosi’s claim to have helped shepherd the “most productive” Congress is off. By numbers of bills passed or laws enacted, the 111th Congress came well below the high-water marks of Congresses in the 1950s.

A spokesman for Pelosi said she was referring to the quality of the 111th Congress’ accomplishments, including Obama’s health care overhaul, not the quantity.

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