Daily Ad Track

Posted October 5, 2012 at 3:39pm

Another day, another bunch of negative ads. Here is what cut through the clutter today.

California’s 39th

This ad from a group called “America Shining” uses old B-movie footage against Rep. Ed Royce (R) and in support of Navy veteran Jay Chen (D). It may look like it was made by a film student, but it’ll catch your eye. We were unable to track down contact info for the group behind the ad. But the latest Federal Election Commission postings show that the organization has purchased about $5,000 of television time. This Orange County district is solid GOP territory, and as part of the Los Angeles media market, it’s expensive to advertise in.

Paging Susan Sontag!

Montana Senate

Sen. Jon Tester’s (D) new TV ad, running statewide behind a $125,000 buy, features a retired firefighter disparaging Rep. Denny Rehberg (R) for suing the city of Billings over a fire on his property. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee hit Rehberg on the same topic in its own ad released today.


Meanwhile, Rehberg continues to paint himself as the only independent candidate in the race. In an ad launched today, the ad’s announcer says: “Denny Rehberg protected kids from George Bush’s health insurance cuts, opposed every bailout — Democrat and Republican.” The ad goes on to tie Tester to President Barack Obama on energy. The Rehberg campaign put about $100,000 behind the ad.

Wisconsin’s 1st

A number of House Democratic candidates are running against vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s budget. But one, businessman Rob Zerban, is running against Ryan himself. His new ad makes the same charges as other Democrats, but in this case, he is able to personalize the budget issues. The ad is part of a $200,000 buy in Milwaukee and Madison and is no doubt funded by Zerban’s $770,000 third-quarter haul. Ryan is up on the air with Congressional ads as well, but Zerban is still generally considered a long shot to come to Congress.



And after watching hundreds of nasty ads in which candidates accuse each other of everything from late rent payments to harboring sympathy for child molesters, we just sort of felt like posting this: