Ohio Is the Post-Debate Place to Be For Obama, Romney

Posted October 22, 2012 at 5:51pm

President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney begin a nonstop sprint to election day after tonight’s debate, with both campaigns giving special attention to the all-important state of Ohio.

Obama will make an appearance in Florida on Tuesday after the debate before joining Vice President Joseph Biden in Dayton, Ohio. Biden is in the midst of a three-day swing through the state as the campaign tries to shore up the president’s shrinking advantage in polls there while again urging his supporters to take advantage of early voting.

Polls have found that Obama’s supporters are outpacing Romney’s in early voting in several swing states, including Ohio, and Democrats are counting on the ground game to beat back an expected barrage of attack ads in the final weeks of the campaign.

The president will only intensify his campaigning Wednesday, starting in Davenport, Iowa, before traveling to Denver, Colo., and Las Vegas, Nev., before flying overnight to Tampa, Fla., to begin a whirlwind Thursday. He’ll jet to Richmond, Va., and then on to Chicago, where he will cast an early ballot and end the day back in Ohio with a grass-roots event in Cleveland.

Romney and running mate Paul Ryan will appear together in Henderson, Nev., and Morrison, Colo., on Tuesday — the latter event featuring Kid Rock — before both make more appearances later this week in, you guessed it, Ohio.

Meanwhile, Biden will head to Wisconsin on Friday, where polls have also shown Romney closing in on Obama in Ryan’s home state. And Obama plans to head to New Hampshire on Saturday, where polls show a close race after Obama held an early lead.