Lieberman Moving to AEI

Posted March 11, 2013 at 2:37pm

The think tank American Enterprise Institute announced Monday that former Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut is joining the group as a visiting fellow. Lieberman, who was a Democrat and then later an independent, will also co-chair AEI’s American Internationalism Project with former Republican Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona.

The project’s focus will be to “rebuild and reshape a bipartisan consensus around American global leadership and engagement,” according to a press release announcing Lieberman’s move.

“The American Internationalism Project, under the leadership of Senator Lieberman and Senator Jon Kyl, is critical to opening a discussion about the challenges facing America in the coming decades — and strategizing about how to meet them,” AEI President Arthur C. Brooks said in a statement. “Senator Joseph Lieberman’s knowledge, deep commitment and vision for American greatness is all too rare in Washington.”

In the same statement, Lieberman said there is “an urgent need to rebuild a bipartisan — indeed non-political — consensus for American diplomatic, economic, and military leadership in the world. That’s why I am grateful to AEI for initiating and sponsoring this project and why I look forward to leading it with my friend Jon Kyl.”