Political Parties and the Public Losing Control of Elections

Posted April 11, 2013 at 9:58am

Changes in federal campaign finance laws and court opinions have “empowered institutions and actors with little of no responsibility for, or accountability to, the broader public.” How the political parties have less control over the campaign process is highlighted in today’s New York Times commentary by Tom Edsall. It is an excellent analysis of spending on the 2012 presidential race and how the timing and sources of funds were so important.

Edsall feels the next step will be “the creation of candidate-oriented super PACs with the specific goal of raising huge sums to finance the sophisticated technical groundwork required for a strong general election campaign.” Edsall’s prediction of less party and public control of the process could have been further supported by mentioning President Barack Obama’s new 501(c)(4) group, Organizing for Action.