Cory Booker Reports Half a Million Dollars in Lecture Fees

Posted May 17, 2013 at 2:07pm

New Jersey 2014 Senate Democratic candidate Cory Booker reported he received $497,410 in lecture fees in 2012 in addition to his $174,500 in salary (16 months) as the mayor of Newark. The disclosure was part of his personal financial disclosure report filed Thursday under the Ethics in Government Act.

The 25 lectures were at 14 universities around the country and eleven other organizations. The fee for his lectures ranged from $10,500 to $31,500. Universities included Northwestern University (Ill.), West Virginia University (W.Va.), Salem University (Mass.), Hofstra University (N.Y.), Jackson State University (Mich.), New York University (N.Y.), University of Chicago (Ill.), George Washington University (D.C.), Ohio State University (Ohio) and Wilkes University (Pa.), among others.

Lectures to organizations included the Jewish United Fund (Ill.), Plymouth Housing Group (Wash.), Bridges (Tenn.), US Green Building Council (Calif.), Jane Street Capital (N.Y.), Equality Virginia (Va.) and United Way of Greater Los Angeles (Calif.), among others.

Booker reported various investment accounts as well as stock in Apple, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, Netflix, Nike, eBay and Dish Network, among others.