New Cyber Strategy Coming From Defense Dept.

Posted July 3, 2013 at 12:00pm

Despite having released its first-ever strategy for “strategy for operating in cyberspace” just two years ago, officials are already at work on an update, American Forces Press Service reports, based on a briefing from Army Maj. Gen. John A. Davis.

The Service writes: “National mission forces will be prepared to counter adversary cyberattacks… A second, larger set of combat mission forces will be prepared to support combatant commanders as they execute military missions, integrating cyber capabilities and effects into their military contingency plans and operations alongside traditional capabilities and effects.”

“Still other cyber protection forces — the largest set, Davis said, will operate and defend the networks that support military operations worldwide.”

Davis is quoted: “We will deter, disrupt and deny adversary cyberspace operations that threaten vital U.S. interests when approved by the president and directed by the secretary of defense. If a crippling cyberattack is launched against our nation, the Department of Defense must be ready for an order from the commander in chief to act.”