US Taxpayers to Pay for European Missile Shield?

Posted July 7, 2013 at 10:00am

Sandra I. Erwin of National Defense Magazine provides a deep look at the costs US taxpayers will face in the creation of a European Missile Shied — a “ground- and sea-based arsenal [that] will provide NATO countries protection from short- and medium-range ballistic missiles launched from the Middle East.”

“The missile-defense effort, known as European Phased Adaptive Approach, or EPAA, was launched by the Obama administration in September 2009. A layered missile shield will be deployed in three phases by 2018. A fourth phase was canceled earlier this year for political and budgetary reasons.”

“The price tag for the entire project has yet to be estimated by the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency. Although NATO agreed to contribute 200 million euros over 10 years, the preponderance of the bill will be paid by the United States.”