Blackstone Group Executives Give Cantor $51K

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor
Posted July 16, 2013 at 1:59pm

Executives of the 
Blackstone Group
 contributed $51,000 in June to the majority leader of the House of Representatives.

Steve Schwarzman

Others giving included: Wayne Berman, senior adviser, $5,200; Janet Berman, homemaker, $5,200; Prakash Melwani, $5,200 Gregory Geilling, $2,500; Akhil Gupta, $2,500; Nicholas Leone, $2,500; Laurence Nath, $2,500; Neil Simpkins, $2,500; William Stein, $2,500; Stephen Sullens, $2,500; Michael Casey, $2,500; George Fox, $2,500; and Joseph Baratta, $2,500. Almost all contributions were received on June 24.


The Blackstone Group does not have a federal PAC. They paid Capitol Counsel LLC $150,000 to lobby during the first quarter of 2013 on “Issues related to the implementation of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act; private equity, derivatives legislation, energy issues, SEC/CFTC regulations, FDIC Financial Institution Regulatory issues, Place Agency Regulatory issues and regulatory reform; issues pertaining to business holdings; issues related to tax reform initiatives; and the taxation of carried interest and publicly traded partnership.”

They also paid Tompkins Strategies LLC $30,000 to lobby in the first quarter on “Issues related to private equity and the tax treatment of carried interest.”