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Washington’s New Funny Man

If only Jeff Davis had been there during Linda McMahon’s failed senatorial campaigns in 2010 and 2012.

Davis, the founder of the political joke-writing organization Capital Humor, has written comedy for more than 10 years and began writing political jokes last year. Davis, who also writes comedy for comedians and entertainment companies, said he has written jokes for World Wrestling Entertainment commentators consistently over the past six months in addition to writing for politicians in Washington.

“I’ve always been interested in politics, but it just kind of came as an accident,” Davis said, referring to Capital Humor and how it has grown through word of mouth. “A lot of what I do is send stuff out to different comedians and if they like it, they’ll buy it … about a year ago I decided to go for more political clientele.”

Davis, who owns a conference center in Evansville, Ind., while running Capital Humor on the side, said he has only been to D.C. a few times.

“I didn’t even try really — some of the people I worked for knew people over there, congressional representatives, senators, and it just kind of spread that way,” Davis said. “It’s not something I set out to do, it just came by accident. I guess it helps because I don’t know anybody over there, I don’t go to parties, I’m not part of the inner circle; it’s easier to make fun of people when you don’t face them.”

Davis listed Johnny Carson and Jay Leno as two of his comedic heroes and said sitting lawmakers on both sides of the aisle had used his jokes, although requests come in spurts.

Davis would not tell HOH his clients but said he is comfortable making fun of both parties, noting, though, that about 70 percent of his political jokes had been for Republicans and about 50 percent are for people most do not know inside the Beltway. He said he would love to write for the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, where President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney roasted each other last year.

Although Capital Humor charges for its jokes, Davis sent along two to HOH.

I can’t figure out how Chicago politicians have stolen elections for the past 100 years but they can’t get a World Series for the Cubs.

Signs your child is a liberal:

  • They return a toy gun for a Tinker Toy windmill.
  • They ask you to bail out their properties during a game of Monopoly.
  • They try to unionize all the kids in story hour.
  • They rescue a dog from in front of an oncoming car instead of their baby brother.
  • They want to buy carbon credits each time they pass gas.
  • They firebomb the Little Tikes pedal SUV you got them for their birthday.
  • They say they’re going green and it has nothing to do with money or energy.

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