Aspen Security Forum: Today on the Web

Posted July 20, 2013 at 7:00am

The Aspen Security Forum, which has been making headlines all week, continues with more panels and live video today at 9 am. These include:

“Counterterrorism and the Media: What role does the media play in covering terrorism? Where should the line be drawn between the need for government to keep certain things secret and the public’s right to know what government is doing in its name?”; “The Military and Intelligence: Out of the Shadows: The Deputy Director of a critical but rarely heard from member of the military’s intelligence community, the Defense Intelligence Agency, will explain his role and give us his perspective on today’s national security threats.”; and “Iran: Crossing the ‘Red Line?’: This panel will examine how far Iran is from crossing the proverbial “red line” that will trigger an American and/or Israeli military strike. Are sanctions working, or must more be done? Is war inevitable?”, among others.