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Does Nancy Pelosi really not want to be speaker again? Really?

Asked whether she wished to get the gavel, the California Democrat told National Journal: “No, that’s not my thing. I did that.”

But how much of that was truth and how much of that was modesty?

Based on conversations with sources close to Pelosi, she isn’t going anywhere.

Pelosi’s communications director, Drew Hammill, sent around guidance regarding the quote Friday, challenging how National Journal presented the question.

The publication ran the question as: “Do you want to be speaker again?”

Hammill contended that the actual question was: “Do you wish for the chance for the Speakership again for yourself?”

Pelosi’s staff asked National Journal for a “correction of the editing that took place for this piece,” and, indeed, the publication updated the story Friday afternoon to reflect a recorded audio file.

According to National Journal, however, the actual question was: “Do you wish for the chance for the speaker position again?”

Regardless of the exact wording, sources close to Pelosi said the conclusion was wrong.

“Any reporter that has followed her over the years will know that if she’s asked a question about herself, she’s going to dismiss it,” a source close to Pelosi told CQ Roll Call on Friday afternoon. “For her, it’s never about herself.”

Indeed, this may be just another one of those “aw, shucks” modesty moments.

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