Assad: US Should ‘Expect Every Action’ in Retaliation To Strike

Posted September 9, 2013 at 7:25am

CBS News interviews President Bashar Assad, who “warned Sunday that if President Obama decides to launch military strikes on Syria, the U.S. and its allies should ‘expect every action’ in retaliation.”

“‘You should expect everything. Not necessarily from the government,’ Assad told CBS This Morning co-host Charlie Rose in his first television interview since Mr. Obama sought congressional approval for military action.”

“In a clear reference to his allies in Iran and the Islamic militant group Hezbollah, Assad warned that his government is ‘not the only player in this region.'”

“‘You have different parties, you have different factions, you have different ideology. You have everything in this region now,’ said Assad, who has been accused by the White House of killing 1,400 of his own people in an Aug. 21 chemical weapons attack on the Damascus suburbs.”

“Asked by Rose whether any retaliation for U.S. strikes could include the use of chemical weapons, Assad — whose government has never confirmed officially that it even has chemical weapons — said it would depend ‘if the rebels or the terrorists in this region or any other group have it. It could happen, I don’t know. I am not fortune teller.'”