The Hill Staffer Guide to Holiday Parties

Posted December 5, 2013 at 9:30am

Who says you can’t have your eggnog and drink it too? Bring on the holiday parties — a time-honored Capitol Hill tradition that no staffer should go without. From K street haunts to the Cannon Caucus Room to the Rayburn basement, the parties are in full swing starting this week.

But what about those ethics rules? My colleague, Kate Ackley, has a story in today’s Roll Call about what’s allowed for holiday fare. It’s a must-read before you start making the rounds, because nothing kills a holiday buzz like inadvertently breaking a rule that could cost you your job.

And remember, behave yourselves. Bosses — and reporters — are always nearby. Unless you want your debauchery to wind up in Heard on the Hill, assume that someone is always listening.