Colorado Holds Hearings on Oil & Gas Air Pollution Rules

Posted February 20, 2014 at 11:22am

The Denver Post reports that “Colorado officials sought public views on proposed new air-pollution rules for the oil and gas industry — and faced a barrage of concerns.”  

“A majority of the 120 residents who signed up to testify Wednesday before state air-quality control commissioners strongly supported the rules to reduce toxic emissions.”  

The piece continues: “The proposed rules would require companies operating in Colorado to install the latest valves and auto-igniters to minimize emissions of toxic gases. They would require companies to capture or control 95 percent of emissions, using vapor-recovery tanks or other technology.”  

“Companies also would have to inspect facilities for leaks, up to once a month, depending on how many tons of pollution the facilities emit. Leaks would have to be fixed in about 15 days.”  

“Oil and gas industry leaders Anadarko, Encana and Noble helped develop the rules along with the Environmental Defense Fund.”