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With Stalemate, FEC Keeps Cell Phone Ad Disclaimer Requirement

The federal agency that regulates campaign finance did not have the votes today to exempt ad disclaimers from cell phone political communications.  

The Federal Election Commission  today voted 3-3, along party lines, on two drafts of an advisory opinion in response to a mobile advertising company seeking to exempt the required disclaimers on cell phones. The firm requested mobile ads be treated like bumper stickers or campaign buttons, that are exempt from the ad requirements. The stalemate means the current ad disclaimer requirements remain in effect.  

The disclaimer for public communications must state the communication “has been paid of the authorized political committee,” or “clearly state the full name and permanent address, telephone number, or World Wide Web address of the person who paid for the communication, and that the communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.”  

View the full file of AO-2014-18, including the request, public comments, and resulting action on the FEC website  (just click on their “search button”).

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