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Nobody Weird Like Us: Assembling a New Third Party

Call us crazy, but we believe a meme making the rounds on social media could serve as the cornerstone for a hybrid political party boasting the biggest tent possible.  

A bold vision, to be sure.  

But just imagine all the coalition building opportunities.  

Left-wingers could easily fall in line behind the marriage equality plea. (LGBT crowd: check!)  

Libertarians should be cool with personal pot use. (Stoner vote: check!)  

And lifelong Republicans disenchanted with the status quo can stand their ground on firearms. (NRA members/Second Amendment fans: check!) Granted, not everyone is as tolerant of change as we are.  

(CQ Roll Call photo illustration)
(CQ Roll Call photo illustration)

But since this is just the opening salvo for this potentially revolutionary movement, there’s plenty of room to grow.  

Hell, all someone needs to do is fold in a line about stockpiling gold or advocate for the tarring and feathering of Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet L. Yellen and they could shore up the remaining followers of retired Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, and Lyndon LaRouche devotees , respectively.