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Notes on House Day Care

Once the congratulations and well-wishes for expectant parents are out of the way, the conversation can quickly turn to post-baby plans.

  • When are you going back to work?
  • Who will take care of the baby?
  • Are you interviewing nannies yet?
  • Have you thought about daycare?

Well, have YOU thought about day care? If you’re a Hill staffer, start thinking about your options now. In a recent Roll Call story , I explore how the House day care,  a truly remarkable place to have your young child spend the day, has a yearslong waiting list which can be nigh-impossible to surmount. Parents who secured a spot often put their name on the waiting list far ahead of time — even before there was a positive pregnancy test to celebrate.  

Roll Call: Adventures in Babysitting, Getting Into the House Daycare
The House day care is approximately $700 a month below market value, huge savings for the staffers who can get it, but vastly unfair for those who can’t get in. There are great advantages to being a staffer, though most of these benefits aren’t limited to a select, lucky few. The House day care should examine ways to continue their excellent care while meeting the increased demand.  

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