U.S. Military Families Lost Vehicles after Returning from Overseas

Posted August 14, 2014 at 9:48am

Virginia’s ABC7 reports that “an ABC 7 Watchdog investigation has uncovered that hundreds of military families, who served overseas and used a federal contractor to ship their cars back stateside, are looking for their vehicles. Now, weeks—and in some cases, months—after they were supposed to be delivered, hundreds of cars are missing, and it’s costing you money.”  

“International Auto Logistics got a $305 million contract from the Department of Defense in May. IAL started shipping cars just three months ago, and ABC 7 News discovered that the company has already racked up 500 complaints with the military agency that oversees these moves, hearing from people who are worried they may never see their cars again.”  

“Melanie Buckley has a new home on base at Fort Belvoir to be excited about, but something’s missing, and it’s not just her furniture.”