If the Shoe Fits: Congress Lobbied by Running Shoe Companies to Outfit U.S. Military

Posted September 9, 2014 at 5:05am

The Daily Beast reports that “the shoes American soldiers wear when they train for combat may soon be all American made—creating a possible monetary boon for New Balance, a shoe company that has long lobbied for the change.”  

“Federal law requires military service members be dressed in 100 percent American-made uniforms and clothing. One of the exceptions the Pentagon has made to this rule is on physical training shoes: In past years, completely American-made running wear has not been available—but the Department of Defense indicated this spring that it was moving toward offering them.”  

“For running shoe manufacturers capable of producing an entirely American-sourced shoe, the policy shift could be big money; being chosen to provide military recruits with shoes could bring in millions of dollars every year. The Air Force spends $2.25 million on sneakers annually, while the Army spends $5.25 million on athletic shoes, according to one report.”