QF-16 Training Falcon Provides Unmanned Aerial Target

Posted September 9, 2014 at 5:52pm

On a recent dry, clear summer morning, Boeing and the U.S. Air Force readied the QF-16 aerial target for its first live fire test.  

The live fire test successfully demonstrated the QF-16’s ability to serve as a training tool for U.S. forces preparing to combat future threats. Boeing is modifying early-model F-16s into the QF-16 role providing an unmanned aerial target for the latest ground-based missile test. Fighter pilots also can use the QF-16 to sharpen their air-to-air combat skills by battling the unmanned F-16s.  

The first low-rate production QF-16 aircraft is slated to begin work this month at Boeing Cecil Field in Florida. In the future, U.S. crews will have one of the world’s most unique training assets available to them.  

Check out this video about the live fire test: