With Keystone XL Blocked, Oil-Sands Industry Looks East

Posted October 30, 2014 at 5:00am

National Geographic reports that “the oil-sands industry in Alberta has a problem: It’s capable of producing more oil than it can get to market. It has tried building new pipelines south into the United States—the famous Keystone XL project—and west to British Columbia. But both projects are stalled and face stiff opposition. Now a battle is heating up over the latest proposal: a 2,858-mile-long pipeline to Canada’s east coast.”  

“TransCanada, the same company that wants to build Keystone XL, says it plans to seek Canadian government approval of the Energy East project in early November. “This is largest regulatory application in our company’s history,” said TransCanada spokesperson Shawn Howard. “It’s tens of thousands of pages.” The company announced last year that it had ‘confirmed strong market support.'”