Kerry Says Cold War Was Easier Than Today

Posted October 31, 2014 at 8:46am

Secretary of State John Kerry said that today’s global political landscape makes the Cold War look simple, Defense One reports.  

Said Kerry: “The Cold War was easy compared to where we are today. So now, you have more countries with more economic power in a globalized world. … They’re going to automatically react and say, Well, wait a minute, now. Do we really want the behemoth United States, superpower of the world, telling us all the time what we have to do? So you have to approach these things a little differently. It requires more diplomacy. It requires more dialogue. It requires more respect for people, more mutual interests.”  

“About 15 countries that the United States once provided with aid decades ago are now far more economically developed, Kerry said, citing South Korea as an example. These states, he said, are now providing monetary assistance to other countries in need.”