Marine Corps Tests Women Fighting in Ground-Combat Units with Men

Posted November 11, 2014 at 5:00am

The Wall St. Journal reports that “in combat, the No. 4 cannoneer on an artillery crew must heave 100-pound rounds, one after another, into the loading tray of a 155 mm howitzer.”  

“In the North Carolina woods these days, the job sometimes falls to a crew member who weighs just slightly more than the artillery shell she has to lift. ‘Everybody thinks that we’re not good enough and can’t do everything males can do,’ said Marine Lance Cpl. Vicki Harris, a 4-foot, 11-inch, 110-pound military clerk from Cambridge, Ohio. ‘I want to get out there and prove them wrong.’  

“Lance Cpl. Harris is part of a large-scale Marine Corps experiment intended to settle the question once and for all: Can women fight in ground-combat units alongside men? The Marines have gathered 400 men and women for a unique experiment to find out.”