U.S. Military Building Fewer Ebola Clinics

Posted November 20, 2014 at 5:00am

USA Today reports that “a decline in new Ebola infections combined with an increase in international assistance prompted the U.S. military to reduce the number of treatment clinics it is building in Liberia to 10 from the previously planned 17, according to USAID, the federal international assistance agency.”  

“The number of daily Ebola infections has declined from nearly 100 per day in September to about 25, which has reduced the need for Ebola clinics throughout Liberia.”  

“The government had initially sought foreign assistance to build 27 clinics across the country, 17 of which would be built by U.S. troops. The total number of clinics has been cut to 25. The U.S. military has finished one and is working to complete nine more in coordination with Liberian troops, Justin Pendarvis, deputy leader of the USAID Ebola Disaster Assistance Response Team in Liberia, said Tuesday.”